Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Friday, May 13 (that's right!)
9:00pm - 1:00am
Shanghai Restaurant (651 Somerset Street West)

Open Format is a monthly series presenting a changing roster of secret DJs mixing together music they love, freely and regardless of genre.

Admission is free but donations are requested, with the DJs of each night directing all monies to people and/or places in our communities where it may be helpful.

All proceeds will go to CKCU 93.1 FM, "a pioneer in community broadcasting, carrying out our mandate of providing an alternative to commercial radio and the CBC as a voice for the many Ottawa communities not served by the mainstream media."

Capacity is limited! Sponsored by CHUO 89.1 FM (in solidarity).

Thursday, April 21, 2011

OPEN FORMAT 04 sets posted for download. 02 and 01 are up there too, if you poke about. OF04 raised $70 for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives!