Friday, September 4, 2009

Marysol Foucault exhibition - Barely There
Opening on Saturday, September 5th, 2009 at 8pm
Wurm Gallery/Invisible Cinema
319 Bank Street (@ Lisgar)
FREE; all ages welcome.

Marysol Foucault will be presenting her new works of large scale drawings at the Wurm Gallery in Ottawa's Invisible Cinema from Saturday, September 5th - October 15th, 2009.

Marysol Foucault's drawings function as transcriptions of imaginary situations. The narratives often invites comparisons to fairytales - missing the happily ever after conclusion.

In her drawings and paintings, Marysol introduces us to unreal yet familiar places and meditates on the puzzling condition of interpersonal relationships. Feelings of abandonment, solitude, anxiousness and uneasiness, are portrayed in the pieces where only one subject evolves; mischievousness, grieving and resentment are often evoked when two subjects or more are present. These situations are illustrated by injecting macabre details into everyday scenery or by creating an atmosphere that is eerily delicate, yet quite disturbing by it's subject matter.

The Wurm Gallery and Invisible Cinema now occupy the hallowed halls of an early incarnation of Gallery 101 in the late 1980's and early 1990's, which is where many a lost soul wandered in and found some refuge from the deluge of mediocrity that was plaguing "college rock" at the time with bands that had listened to too much Eagles and were feigning an earnestness that felt like more of a cry for help than a cry for release. It was the ventricle for a foundation of local left-field and punk culture for a wide variety of aimless spirits that found some resonance in the honesty and beauty pounded out on off nights between exhibitions through cheap amps and cracked drums, long before the inadequate instruments that represented the only consolation our shitty jobs could buy would become badges of honour for the ironic and aestheticized youth of post-(insert meaningless genre here).

The old Gallery 101, as opposed to its last incarnation which has gone the way of most community spaces and hubs of social services in this city,- it is now a condo tower,- held shows by Phil Minton, Joan of Arc, Prisons Come Home (featuring our own Ryan Hough), and was the site of the very first Buried Inside show (whose singer is now the proud, kind, and gently discerning owner of Invisible Cinema).

Kingdom Shore will be playing a small 30 minute set of music early in the night to open the evening. They are happy to be playing that space again.

Both the artist, and the Invisible Cinema and Wurm Gallery deserve any support you can give. Having traveled across this wonderful and complicated country, we can attest that there are few movie rental stores as good as this anywhere within our borders, and we're lucky that they are here among us, supplying us with windows into wonder. Please come out and support them both.